The International
Feline Society

Give your Cat the recognition it deserves.

The International Feline Society

We at the International Feline Society worship the ground
our cats walk on.

The fact that you’re here suggest you feel the same way as us.

The International Feline Society was established to offer any cat owner the ability to prove that they,
indeed, do have the Best Cat in the World.

Give your Cat the recognition it deserves

We all love our cats
No matter their breed, pedigree or mixed.
They occupy a special place in our hearts and homes
Everyone thinks they have The Best Cat in the World.
The Superlative Certificates from the IFS provides documentation to that effect.

Under our worldwide framework of certificates there can only be
one Best Cat in the World,
one Coolest Cat in Ireland,
one Most Beautiful Cat in Arizona.
No award is repeated.
There is a tiered order, starting at the global level, e.g. The Most Beautiful Cat in the World, if this is taken,
either choose a different superlative or region such as your country, state/province and in some cases, city.

Framed, these make great gifts for friends, family, or your cat.

We, at the IFS, work to support animal shelters.
10% of profits go to Australian registered animal shelters.


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Choose from the dropdown menus

Superlative Certificate

The Superlative Certificate is a one off, it’s unique to your cat. No two cats in the world will share the same award.

Adoption and Birth Certificates

Cats are not just pets they provide comfort and companionship

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It wasn't long before people began thinking that cats weren't bad at all.

We believe that Felis silvestris lybica, the African Wild Cat, began hanging out with humans in the fertile crescent, around 10,000 years ago.
These were, and still are, quiet solitary animals.
As the neolithic farmers stored grain, rodents began to proliferate around settlements. This attracted the cats.
The less temperamental more tolerant cats were encouraged to stay around while the more aggressive cats were chased off to fend for themselves.

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