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The International Feline Society was established to offer any cat owner the ability to prove that they, indeed, do have the Best Cat in the World.

About - International Feline Society

It wasn't long before people began thinking that cats weren't bad at all.

We believe that Felis silvestris lybica, the African Wild Cat, began hanging out with humans in the fertile crescent, around 10,000 years ago.

These were, and still are, quiet solitary animals.

As the neolithic farmers stored grain, rodents began to proliferate around settlements. This attracted the cats.

It wasn’t long before people began thinking that cats weren’t bad at all.

The less temperamental more tolerant cats were encouraged to stay around while the more aggressive cats were chased off to fend for themselves.


Domestication had begun

Cats became more tolerant of each other and of humans. As farming spread so did cats. Later, becoming essential rodent eradicators of boats, the spread of sea trade began spreading cats.

About 4000 years ago the ancient Egyptians began a second domestication. This time domesticating Felis silvestris ornata the Asian wild cat.

By 3000 years ago they were being worshiped, a fact, which according to Sir Terrence Pratchett, they have not forgotten.

Breeding of cats for aesthetic reasons didn’t begin until the 19th century, leaving cats fairly close in appearance to their ancestors. Just a bit smaller, more social and more docile, a little more fun to be around.

They provide comfort simply by stoking them. Not just the feel of soft fur soothing the hands but also an increase in oxytocin, calming the mind.

It’s little wonder that people who own pets recover from illnesses quicker than those who don’t.

Today all modern cats are descendants of Felis silvestris.

Now spread worldwide. Enjoying life in our homes. Becoming family members.



Give Your Cat the Recognition it Deserves

We all love our cats No matter their breed, pedigree or mixed. They occupy a special place in our hearts and homes Everyone thinks they have The Best Cat in the World

The Superlative Certificates from the IFS provides documentation to that effect.

Under our worldwide framework of certificates there can only be one Best Cat in the World, one Coolest Cat in Ireland, one Most Beautiful Cat in Arizona. No award is repeated. There is a tiered order, starting at the global level, e.g. The Most Beautiful Cat in the World, if this is taken, either choose a different superlative or region such as your country, state/province and in some cases, city.

Framed, these make great gifts for friends, family, or your cat.

We, at the IFS, work to support animal shelters. 10% of profits go to Australian registered animal shelters.

Our Vision

The vision of the International Feline Society is to promote positive interactions between, not only people in society, but also the animals contained within that society.

This will be achieved by minimizing our impact on the environment whilst promoting positive affirmations for our cats.

10% of profits to Australian registered animal shelters.

Australian registered not-for-profit animal shelters and animal rights groups can apply for a discount for their clients with 20% of the certificate price going to that organisation.

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